Science Exchange
Visual Design | 2021-2022

Science Exchange streamlines workflows between scientists and research. Prior to joining ANML, the team developed an entirely new brand identity and website design with a simplified visual language.

My Role
Digital Marketing
Template Design
Motion Graphics
Slide Deck Design
Doug Hughmanick
Brandon Boswell
Youngmi Kwon
Jaerica Vitug

Expanding the rebrand

Once the ANML team solidified the web redesign of science exchange. I contributed towards the development of various digital marketing assets that the client would begin utilizing across many areas.

Template Development

Created a variety of user-friendly design templates, custom slides, and internal PDFs for the client to confidently unveil their new brand identity.

An evolving design system

As more pages were created for the website, new components were constantly being added to the design system such as icons, cards, and hover state compositions.

Product Video

Storyboarded a sequence of scenes for motion graphic product video. This video demonstrates the many capabilities of the science exchange platform for customers and suppliers.