Past Playback
Product Design | 2021

Past Playback is a mobile product used to create digital scrapbooks with music to collect nostalgic memories. Users can tell stories about their past by sharing their sentiments towards music. These scrapbooks can also be created collaboratively with other friends on the app.

Product Design
User Interviews
User Research
User Testing
User Experience
Wire framing

For this project, I explored how music listeners perceive and interpret their nostalgic memories from songs of their past and have proposed a new way in which these stories, emotions, and memories can be more interactive to potentially change the way users can look at the past through music as a medium.

Music Scrapbooks

Within the home screen is where the user can view scrapbooks and listen to music shared on the app. My Scrapbooks is where the user can view and edit their previously made scrapbook designs on their Past Playback account.

In-App Music Player

The music player has a retro-inspired user interface that imitates a vintage record player.

Custom Scrapbooks

Users can select a variety of different tools when customizing their scrapbook, such as choosing paper styles, adding stickers / GIFs, adding a unique font, or even drawing on their scrapbook page.


The explore screen is where the user can view trending scrapbooks and music articles. As well as find content on the app such as songs, artists, and other users.

Mobile App Prototype

The project began with a collection of research oriented around the subject of nostalgia. Identifying various scenarios in which music can trigger nostalgic memories.

Research Questions

1. What is the relationship between music and nostalgia?

2. How do music listeners interpret songs associated with distinct memories?

3. How can musical nostalgia be shared more openly with others?

Interface Sketches & Site Map

Interface Wireframes

Design variations for retro-inspired visual language

Brand Identity

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The overall presentation of content on this platform can engage users in a very fun and interactive way. This product can help us grasp our very own transformation as we grow older and as our tastes and influences constantly evolve throughout the years, enhancing the way that we can relive memories through music.