Whirlpool Mobile E-Commerce
Product Design | 2022

Whirlpool Corporation is a renown household name with the reputation of being the best global kitchen and laundry appliance company, in constant pursuit of improving life at home.

My Role
Market Research
User Experience
Interface Design
My Team
Doug Hughmanick
Brandon Boswell


Whirlpool’s mobile app is a unique digital product where users can remotely schedule wash cycles, send cooking instructions straight to a connected appliance, as well as access helpful tips and how-to guides — all without having to step into the kitchen or laundry room.

Whirlpool reached out to my team at ANML proposing their goal to kickstart an in-app mobile e-commerce experience. Throughout the project, I was tasked with research, planning, and testing design concepts for an ideal consumer experience that could be implemented as a launch-ready MVP.


When users of the whirlpool mobile app are shown promoted accessories available for purchase, they are immediately taken out of the app and must make purchases on a separate browser window.

This can be frustrating for users who simply want to make a quick purchase of items such as laundry detergent or dish washer cleaner.


My research began with analyzing the current shopping experience on whirlpool’s mobile website to have as foundational point of reference.

Then conducted market research recording findings on best practices across industry leading mobile e-commerce platforms.

Contextual Placement Purchases

As this is the very first implementation of e-commerce within their app, only a select number of items are offered through the app by encountering unique selling points.

For example, once a users washing machine is low on detergent, they will receive a pop up notification to make a quick purchase of SWASH detergent.

User flow maps for contextual placement and a potential dedicated shopping area.


Main Challenge: Simplifying for MVP

It was essential to demonstrate how a full shopping area could be implemented into the whirlpool app for potential future expansion of the product.

However, the real challenge was simplifying the experience for MVP. This was done by modifying flows and ensuring to include only the most essential elements that provide a seamless experience.

Interactive Prototype

High Fidelity Designs

Adapting for Maytag App

Whirlpool is the parent company to Maytag Appliances, which also operates a mobile app for smart appliances. An additional task during the e-commerce project was to reskin primary screen designs with the Maytag brand system.